"There is a bit of insanity in dancing that does everybody a great deal of good."
~Edwin Denby

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cattlemen's Women

This post is going out to all you women who love a man who loves cattle! I mean that in a purely professional sense! :)  

I"m writing this as the busy part of the year for the beef industry/associations kicks into full swing.  For those of you familiar with the association in your state (of which I am very familiar), your spouse and/or you are busy with county meetings, membership drives, conferences, conventions, etc. All this can sure make life chaotic!!! BUT I know that I'm thankful and truly blessed to be country!!! Oh yes, "I was country, when country wasn't cool"....Wth all this you learn to embrace the chaos and know life couldn't be any better (maybe less chaotic, but who would know what to do without the chaos???) 

Okkkkkaaayyy, back to my point..... with this busy time for the beef industry I actually seem to get a little more 'me' time.. Took me a while to see it as 'me' time and to enjoy some of it. (don't get me wrong, there isn't always a lot of free time, but I take what I can get). So with that being said, I've compiled a list of things I've done or am trying to do in my 'me' time....and a few things to keep my wonderful, loving husbands' mind off of his work (no shop talk, no shop talk) (I'll explain that little mantra later) when we get a little 'us' time!!!

Here goes nothin....(p.s. read the list even if you or your spouse have nothing to do with cattle!! You may find something in it useful!)

1. Form friendships with other cattlemen's women ("cattlemen's women"-such a pigheaded, sexist statement, but HEY it got your attention...)

2. Find a hobby (even if it changes frequently)

3. Join a gym

4. Get a library card (and use it from time to time)

5. Like whiskey (I know some of you already have this one conquered)-as this seems to be cattlemen's drink of choice

6. Make girls nights a must (need to have at least one adult beverage, see #5 above)

7. Take a "you" night (put on your sweatpants, sit in front of the TV and do nothing but veg- also why #3 needs to be implemented)

8. Learn to cook a good steak (he'll be impressed, and yes, i'm still working on this one)

9. Throw a party for your friends (and no shop talk, a.k.a. work talk, cattle talk, etc. allowed)

10. Have date nights

11. Do stupid, fun, kid stuff on your date night (bowling, arcades, etc)

12. Take a zumba class (I LOVE mine)(or pilates, yoga, kickboxing)

13. Engage yourself in some events your spouse is active in

14. Shop, shop and shop some more!!! (I'm not a big shopper myself but my husband would say other wise some days)
and last but not least

     Remember: You are his refuge away from his work, no matter what it might be!!

As for me, I am well on my way through this list. Let me know if you have something to add to it!!

I have a girls day/slumber party (yes I said slumber party) idea forming in this 'ole noggin' for those of us gals in this area who won't be traveling to Denver at the end of the month. I"m thinking cooking, vegging,sweatpants, food, movies, did I mention food yet?

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