"There is a bit of insanity in dancing that does everybody a great deal of good."
~Edwin Denby

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Girlie Wisdom!!!!!

I received this is an email and thought you might all enjoy!!! I'm not sure where it originated from but it's entertaining to say the least :)

Girlie Wisdom!
1. A friend of mine confused her Valium with her birth control pills... she has 14 kids but she doesn't really care.

2. One of life's mysteries is how a 2-pound box of chocolates can make a woman gain 5 lbs.

3. My mind not only wanders, it sometimes leaves completely.

4. The best way to forget your troubles is to wear tight shoes.

5. The nice part about living in a small town is that when you don't know what you are doing, someone else does.

6. The older you get, the tougher it is to lose weight, because by then your body and your fat are really good friends.

7. Just when I was getting used to yesterday, along came today.

8. Sometimes I think I understand everything, and then I regain consciousness.

9. I gave up jogging for my health when my thighs kept rubbing together and setting fire to my panties.

10. Amazing! You hang something in your closet for a while, and it shrinks 2 sizes!

11. Skinny people irritate me! Especially when they say things like...'You know sometimes I forget to eat!' .....Now, I've forgotten my address, my mother's maiden name, and my keys, but I have never forgotten to eat. You have to be a special kind of stupid to forget to eat!

12. The trouble with some women is that they get all excited about nothing -- and then they marry him.

13. I read this article that said the typical symptoms of stress are eating too much, impulse buying, and driving too fast. Are they kidding? That's my idea of a perfect day!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Wine? Yes, please!!!

What an amazing weekend we have had!! We spent the weekend with some good friends, celebrating their anniversary :)

We ended the weekend yesterday touring some vineyards and partaking of their wine tasting! We tasted some awesome wine. The  vineyards even looked good coming out of winter. I did however, decide on Saturday while packing and leaving the house that I didn't need to take my new camera. I thought, there's no need in hauling it around (we hadn't originally planned on stopping at the vineyards). BUT was I ever wrong and will probably NEVER leave the house on any sort of trip without it!!!!!

We did take our smaller point and shoot camera so we got a few comical pictures along the way. I will be venturing back that direction as the vines start to green up and produce. I absolutely can't wait to put my camera to use out there!!! Oh and then I'll be back for sure in August to watch the grape stomping!! Talk about some fun pictures :)

Oh and did I mention the amazingly beautiful Catholic church??? I'm not sure words can even describe how beautiful, and inspiring this church was. You can be sure that when I make my next visit I'll have plenty of pictures to share with you!!!!

I hope you all were able to enjoy the beautiful spring weather this past weekend. I'll leave you with a few AWESOME pictures......

YES!!! It's a PINK FORD Pickup!!! I absolutely LOVE it....this may have been one of the coolest things we saw all weekend :)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Busy busy busy........................................

Ohhhhh...............life has seemed so busy the last couple of days. I was able to squeeze in some time with my camera and thought I'd share with you a couple of my favorite picks from the last 2 weeks :)


Thursday, March 10, 2011


I think I'll be adding some book and movie reviews on here every great once in a while. I've always been a reader and a fast one at that. Once I start a book ( a good one) I can't put it down. I have to finish it!!

I've never been one to read much in winter, I usually do all my reading in the summertime. I know it seems a little backwards (which is normal for me) BUT.... while I was in high school and college wintertime was textbook time. So when summer would roll around I'd make my many, many trips to the library, always coming back with an armload of books. I would find an author I liked (would usually turn into an addiction) and read every book the library had.

My mom and I have the same taste in books so we're always comparing authors and sharing what books we like. I will read just about anything as long as it's written well and follows a story line. I don't do well with books written like a history book or a biography. My husband laughs at this but I recently tried to read a book that I bought him which reads like a history book/biography and ten pages in and I don't recall one thing I've read.  It was like history all over again.....Can't keep my attention........Feel like I'm in school again.................When's the test?

Whew...glad I got that out of my system. AND I have officially put that book up!

On a trip to visit my Dad a few years ago, he got me hooked on a series of Western books. He let me borrow some he had finished and I think I had 1 done before my (short) plane ride home was even over!!! A few short weeks later he called to tell me of a new one he had read and....... I had to confess that I had already read it and all the other ones I could get my scrawny little hands on at the library. I was officially addicted to them!!!

Okay...you're probably wondering if I have a point....and I do.....my randomness sometimes does have a point (although more often than not it doesn't)...... Point is-----I haven't been reading much (not even last summer) (of course that was because I was planning a wedding and a honeymoon).....and....... I MISS READING!!! Well, I have read a few good books lately and am currently half way through another one.

I'm thinking if I do periodic book (and movie) reviews on here it might give me the motivation to:
1. go to the library (I'm not a big fan of buying books!) (I can't ready one more than once)
2. get a library card
3. check out some books and read!!!!

One more confession- I have actually bought 3 books since Christmas....that might bring the total number of books I've ever bought in my life into the double digits.....libraries are so much better for books...they're free....but I do have a full book case in my house....even if I'll never touch those books again....until it's time to move....then I'll be mad we didn't just use the library more...  :)

p.s. I can't deicded which book/movie to start with!! Help!!!

p.s.s. if you have a good movie or book recommendation pass it to me!!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I'm a country girl........................

I was blessed this past weekend with the opportunity to attend the Arkansas Women in Agriculture Conference. It was an amazing weekend and I met many, many amazing women from the state that are involved in the very industry I spend my whole life in!!!!

We sat through different sessions to learn stuff ranging from cattle handling, to the First Bloom in Fort Smith, to wind and solar energy, to learning to take time for yourself, to saving money by couponing, to peanut production in Arkansas, and BLOGGING!!! (I'd have to get out my agenda to actually list all the sessions that were available to us)

What an array of information they provided to all of us! Not to mention the awesome Arkansas food and wine tasting we had.

Since this is a blog and well, I was able to attend a blogging session I want to pass on some information to you. I was actually fortunate enough to meet two fellow bloggers from Arkansas who were guest speaking. So today, I want to give you their blog sites. If you have a moment to check them out, do so now!!! They were amazing speakers full of energy, life and wisdom!!!!

The Park Wife and Instead of the Dishes

 I would recommend this Conference to any of you woman out there involved in Agriculture in any way!! It was a great way to meet other people who completely, without a doubt understand the way of Life in the Country.

Check out http://www.arkansaswomeninag.com/ to learn more about the organization and ways you can join and become involved!!!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Love is what I do.................

Love is a fruit in season at all times, and within reach of every hand. - Mother Teresa

Love is an amazingly wonderful gift!! I believe everyone has a much better outlook on life and a happier spirit when Love is present in their life. It comes in so many shapes, sizes, dimensions and colors! You can have love for people and things, jobs and hobbies, animals and causes. The places to put your love and to find love are abundant....................

I love ...........my husband, my family, our dogs, my fat Garfield cat, summer, spring, cookies, the color pink, thunderstorms, wearing sweatpants, cowboy boots, riding horses, reading a good book, going for a run, swimming, pizza, enchiladas, shrimp, cheese.....oh my gosh! the list is never ending.................

Did you notice all the food I mentioned??? It might have been easier to just write... I love food....The end...but that isn't near as much fun..........So, on I ramble.................

I love to wear make-up (good makeup) (I sell makeup, need some???) BUT I also like to not wear makeup around the house. It's scary-I promise!! --but my husband loves me anyway.

I love to go to bed with my hair wet. Of course by morning I look like Medusa with my crazy hair --but my husband loves me anyway.

I love to pester my husband in the morning while he's trying to sleep--but he loves me anyway.

I love to eat candy like a little kid (and my hips and thighs show it!!)-- but my husband loves me anyway.

I love to take pictures of buzzards (please don't ask)-- but my husband loves me anyway.

And I love him all the more for loving my randomness, my quirkiness, and my weirdness. Of course that's what makes me, me......but still...He loves me anyway.....................

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Oh the wisdom....................

Well......I finally write a blog about something half way serious and what do I do? Cause my Mom to laugh hysterically at my spelling mistakes....................okay so she did it in a completely respectful manner (unless of course you count the phone call she put in to my sister).....

My mom caught a spelling error in my post from yesterday. She caught it this morning and needless to say couldn't quit laughing long enough to call and politely tell me about it. Yes, she did it out of respect for me, she was afraid she would hurt my feelings... BUT I too found it funny and ironic and we had a very good laugh about it. Of course it wasn't HER 1st laugh of the day about it or her 2nd......I won't tell you how many times she actually chose to re-read my mistake!!! I am glad that it gave her a good chuckle for the day AND that she finally called my attention to it.

Oh the irony in making a spelling mistake when you're discussing homeschooling and pubLic schooling!! For those of you who caught the mistake and didn't say anything...SHAME ON YOU!!! But, I hope you got a good chuckle out of it. For those of you who didn't catch it, you missed the chance for a very good laugh!!!

I think I'll leave this post with a quote that seemingly fits the situation and life in general!!!

"You grow up the day you have your first real laugh......at yourself" - Ethel Barrymore

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Just a thought......................

So I'm putting the cart before the horse here, actually way before the horse, but...........such is life sometimes :)

Before I started this blog and especially since starting this blog I have and still do browse any other blogs. They're fun to read, learn from, etc. In browsing other blogs I've come to realize that in this day and age there are lots of Homeschooling Moms and well, kids too......

This is where the cart comes before the horse.......We don't have kids yet so I'm not real sure why this seems to be on my mind and pop out to me when I read a new blog....baby fever??? maybe, but I'm not real sure that the topic of homeschooling your unconceived, unborn children is a symptom of baby fever BUT hey, you never know.....Anywho, back to my point....

Homeschooling has become the schooling option of choice in many areas and is far more widespread than I thought.  Not that I have done any kind of real research on the topic! Most of us are brought up in a society where you send your kids to school, either private or public. Off they go as soon as they are old enough. Now I'm thinking (scary, I know) and wondering why are we all conditoned to send kids to school? Do we consider the other option of homeschooling? Are these homeschooling families seeing, experiencing, benefiting in ways unknown to us????

I know, many of you are saying...uh well, I work full time, my husband works full time, so off the kids go to catch the bus. But, WAIT.......I've read many, many comments about kids being homeschooled by parents who both work full time jobs. Somehow they seem to make it work to fit their schedule and their life. I was a little shocked to see that this could be done but kudos to those parents!!!

I've recently started doing some tutoring lessons (although my sister seems to think I'd be a bad teacher). The subject that we are working on for now is Algebra. So trying to be prepared I used my handy dandy computer (I AM the Queen of Google) to try to re-familiarize myself with High School Algebra......(as I was having flash backs of my High School trig teacher getting onto me for always finding something to do or talk about that was unrelated to trig.....I do believe I was possibly one of his most annoying students...but I DID NOT like trig...I think I reminded him of this daily)

Back to my algebra research----I found some good websites with great information and examples (although I was not near as prepared as I thought I was). THEN I came across one of those, you ask a question to people in cyber world (still not real sure how you do this, but I'm glad other people have figured it out) and wait for some of those people in cyber world to respond either with answers, tips, advice, or opinions.

Well ironically enough the question I happened upon had to do with algebra problems (told you I was the Google Queen) and somewhere in the original question or in a comment posted by the question asker was this statement- "I am homeschooled and am having to teach myself this."                    
                WOW!!!! Yes, I'm pretty sure WOW, was my initial reaction!!!

I do believe this comment is what really got my brain turning on this subject. The blogs I read show families, moms, dads, kids, all blooming and thriving in this homeschooling atmosphere. They share lesson plans, and activites, stories of ups and downs, and how they make this part of their life work. And then there are a select few homeschooling kids who are withering because they are having to teach themselves, because someone has decided to not do what is best for these children.

I know this is a touchy subject and one that should be approached carefully and with lots of thought. I don't want any of you to think that I stand on one side or the other, it's just something I've been thinking about and wanted to put out there.

Now.....I know there are a few of you out there that read this here blog pretty faithfully (Mom!) so give me your thoughts and opinions on this. DON'T BE SHY!!!!!!!!!!!! Leave a comment (please don't make me beg)....

Which would be better for your life? Your family? Have you ever considered home-schooling? Do you know someone who does homeschool?

Let me have it, I want to hear what YOU think!!!!!!

p.s. Invite your friends over to this here blog...let them read...let them comment...let them become faithful followers... :)

p.s.s. you know you want to...JUST DO IT....okay so this isn't an ad for Nike but it fit........it is an ad for Faith, Love and Cattle though...tell your friends about me....let them listen to me ramble...it just might make them smile to know there is some one out there more random and weird than they are....................