"There is a bit of insanity in dancing that does everybody a great deal of good."
~Edwin Denby

Sunday, January 30, 2011

......Dirty South.......

My husband and I travel to Jackson, Mississippi once a year............

Yeah, we're going to Jackson, ain't never coming back..............Thank you Johnny Cash :)

Ok, so we always come back, but the annual trip is once again upon us. It has become a sort of mini vacation for us. We spend time gambling, visiting friends we've made thru previous trips, looking at cattle (oh, did I mention this is a cattle based trip??). Anyhow  it has turned into a trip we both get excited about and start losing sleep over (you know, like a kid on Christmas eve).

The year before last we had a pit stop in Shreveport to gamble, I mean to sight see. Ok, so we stopped for  the casinos but hey we won a little so it turned out to be worth it. Although that money was later used to replace a window that was broken to retrieve an Ipod by someone it didn't belong to but hey we broke even, right? WRONG!!! Still no Ipod!!

So, with this years trip upon us (and no bad fortune on last years' trip) (knocking on wood now)....and a pit stop scheduled for Tunica, I start to ponder.......

1. Which casino is better for sight seeing (a.k.a. paying out)?????
2. Do any of them pay out in Ipod's?????

One last random thought: Jackson is the 1st place I've ever seen a baby strolller in the back of a truck, with an actual live baby in it......Driving down the road.......................wait.......it's the 1st and only place I've seen something like this....

Hoping to return to you soon with new, entertaining, money filled stories from the Dirty South!!!


  1. No way! Did you get a picture of the baby in the back of the truck. How awful!! When is your trip. Sometime mid to late February, isn't it?

  2. Unfortunately a picture was not possible!! I was in complete shock and didn't have time!