"There is a bit of insanity in dancing that does everybody a great deal of good."
~Edwin Denby

Friday, January 28, 2011

To write or not to write................

After starting this blog, I started doing some research on the Do's and Don'ts of blogging. Let me just tell you, this was a tiring project as I read many contradicting articles, tips, advice, etc.

I found humor in one in particular that stated to not write about your boyfriend, cat, or kids. The humorous part was just a few lines down where it stated to write about your kids... HEEELLLOOOOOO, this is just a little confusing for a beginner.......do I, or don't I.....that began to be the question..............

Then I took a deep breath and started breaking down both bits of advice. I decided to start with the first bit of advice. And decided pretty quickly it was one I could handle because, well my boyfriend is my husband and as long as I refer to him as such then I'm technically writing about my husband. Whew.... got that one out of the way. BUT still I was a little concerned about the 'don't write about your kids' then 'write about your kids' part. So confusing, contradicting and well, wait a minute I don't have kids.  So naturally that one is taken care of. That is until we do have kids......Oh well, we'll save that confusing debate for later.

So I was left with the cat part. Now neither my husband or myself are cat people. Never have been and probably never will be. I have learned every once in a while though you will stumble upon a cat that you will fall in love with! As you've probably guessed by now, we do own a cat. Or rather, he may own us...........

He is a very large, orange, garfield cat. He answers to Pistol, Pistol Pete, here kitty kitty, and Hey Fat Cat. Oh, and any type of food you're willing to give him. Oh yes, he LOVES food....We both love this cat, for many different and crazy  reasons. So, I'm going to break the don't write about your cat advice and I'm going to let you meet and learn a little about my fat cat.

Although his story, likes, and dislikes will have to wait for another day as I hear him clawing the front door down now (yes, he truly does claw at the front door)... Must be supper time........So here's a sneak peek at my favorite feline........

I love you fat cat!!

p.s. I think I'll quit my research for now. I'm not sure it was helping much and it caused way too much thinking to take place.

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