"There is a bit of insanity in dancing that does everybody a great deal of good."
~Edwin Denby

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Jeff Dunham

We've all heard of him or even seen him... Well we finally had the privilege of seeing one of his Live shows last night-- Disorderly Conduct.  As a birthday present to my wonderful husband I got us ;) tickets with some friends to see his show in Little Rock. It was a great show and he is definitely an entertainer.

We've been to shows before for other entertainers where they don't add in any new material so you end up paying for a show that you've heard numerous times. Don't get me wrong it's tons better live BUT when you know the punch lines it's not near as fun... Mr.Dunham on the other hand provided tons of new material in his show last night. He knows as a fan you don't want to hear the same jokes over and over again-- with that, he did some old material but the show was full of new material AND a new character. He introduced us to Coffee Man... I won't give you any information on this new one but when you see him for the first time be sure to come back and give us your opinion on him.

We also found how he will have an animated cartoon coming out with Achmed in March ;) not sure what to think about this yet but I'm sure we'll be watching it on CMT when it comes out!! And for those of you only children, imaginative, dreaming of being a ventriloquist people...(this would be my husband)... He has now come out with a Mini Jeff ventriloquist doll for sale!! We've been told it comes with all kinds of instructions and advice on becoming an entertainer to carry on in his footsteps..

I want to know who of you ends up buying this thing!! My husband will be jealous as we couldn't really find the justification for the purchase at $125!!!

And.... As I type this we are on the road once again... Can anyone guess what this road trip will entail?!?! One hint... They MOO...

We are headed to the Magnolia Hereford Association Annual Sale ....if my technology will cooperate I will try to upload some pictures from the sale later this weekend. ;) until then.... We'll be basking in the beautiful weekend weather and looking at some mighty fine cattle.

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