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~Edwin Denby

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Pride of Agriculture

Calving season around our place is in full swing and what an adventure the last month to month and a half has been. We've had: uncomplicated births, complicated births, twins, calves who almost didn't make it through the below freezing temps and an orphan.  ROLLER COASTER would probably be the best descriptive phrase but at the same time I know what has gone on at our place is the norm for most everyone else in this season of their operation.

It is because of all this, that I wonder about and then become angry at those people who are working against us. By us, I'm referring to every single person involved in the Agriculture industry in some way. As a percentage of population, I know this is a small amount of people who make their living in this industry.  BUT in relation to the number of people who benefit from Agriculture in some way (in case you missed my last post- this is everyone), this is a huge number. 

These people who are working against us have never experienced this Roller Coaster. They have no idea about it and to be honest, they don't care about it. They don't get up before the sun to feed and check on livestock. They don't put off dinner until after dark when all the livestock is fed. They've never worried  about the upcoming weather and whether or not this years crop (which will feed many others) will make because of it. They've never cried because they had no other choice but to put an animal down. They've never spent a day in the freezing cold in wet clothes to save a baby calf from freezing. They've never had a sleepless night due to waiting for a mama to give birth, or checking on a sick animal. They've never experience the joy of watching a mama and her little one become familiar with each other or watching that little one nurse for the first time. They've never watched a calf or foal playing in the pasture. They've never experienced a sunset from a pasture surrounded by livestock. 

 And I'll tell you the biggest thing they've never experienced. That proud feeling of know that you're feeding people all over the world, saving that baby from freezing to death, getting that orphan baby to eat so it can grow up to be strong and healthy, watching the crops grow and the ground change through the seasons. They have never felt nor experienced the PRIDE of being involved in an Industry that is so tight knit and full of salt of the earth people who work everyday to help Feed an Entire World Population--- and LOVE every minute of it!

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