"There is a bit of insanity in dancing that does everybody a great deal of good."
~Edwin Denby

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fill in the __________________________

I've wrote before about advice/tips I've read by Pioneer Woman about blogging. They are tips that are easy and simple for a beginner AND so non-confusing.

There is one that still makes me laugh when I think about taking it 100% serious and follow it...........it's the advice of "writing as if you're talking to your sister". Ok so, I have a sister and this should be fairly easy for me to follow. BUT if you've eer met my sister or caught just the slightest bit of a conversation between us you would see and understand where the humor comes in. Yes, I'm still laughing as I write this.

My sister: she's funny, witty, smart-alecky (is that a word?), blunt and most the time we talk about "inappropriate, gross, no-one else wants to hear about" topics. Even my husband has stopped asking for the most part what it is we were talking or texting about. He simply just doesn't want to know, or if he does ask, he immediately regrets when I answer.................

Now don't get me wrong we have intelligent conversations as well and we're a blast to hang out with. Right Mom?? Unless of course we're in public then its more of a scene we're causing and probably embarassing at least one other member of the family (sorry Mom, we know it's usually you....BUT it's because we love you sooo much!!)

Back to my point-----I was reminded of this advice from Pioneer Woman the other morning as my sister and husband carried on a conversation via text messaging...Their conversations can get just as crazy but they are so entertaining to me. I think it's because my husband is amazed at how witty, and smart and funny and well just how she is.....You can't help but love her.....

So as I've decided it best for you, me and this blog not to write like I'm talking to my sister, I thought I'd give you some keywords in most of our more frequent conversations.

Peanut butter                   alcoholics               armpit                 clown              naked                poop       

cheetos             Russia             dreams                 drinking           flip-flops           stain          hair
                                               constipation            bitchslap         tattoos       

Now I'm thinking I should have just started with a fill in the blank for you. I guess my challenge to you could be to use your imagination and form a conversation using only the above words.........and remember to keep it kid friendly...... :)

p.s. gotta go call my sister now...........

p.s.s. I think my challenge should be to have a conversation with said sister without using ANY of the above words....

p.s.s.s. I'll let you know if that EVER happens!!

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