"There is a bit of insanity in dancing that does everybody a great deal of good."
~Edwin Denby

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Full Speed Ahead.....................

The weather here is BEAUTIFUL!! Now mind you, it's been like 32 degrees in the mornings but the temp has been inching it's way up during the day to make for some awesome weather! I was outside earlier playing with the puppies. Yes, the aussie's I introduced you to a few weeks ago. They are loving the weather. It makes it so much better for them when they get in the pond!! Or when Milsap falls into the pond....

I was in the front yard watching them play and run and became mesmerized at how amazingly beautiful they are. Both of them with their semi-thick winter coats still. They both have such different colored coats but are both beautiful!! Now don't get me wrong, they are pains in my ______, most of the time but I still love them!!

Milsap had troubles when we 1st move learning his way around the new place. BUT now he knows where the driveway is, the grass, the house, the dogpen, where we park the vehicles and where all the barbed wire fence is!! Needless to say he now knows how to PROPERLY make his way through a barbed wire fence...I'm pretty sure this was a hard lesson to learn but also one of those "I'll only make that mistake once" lesson!!! OH and it's definitely not one you can teach a blind dog. When he's uncomfortable he FREAKS out,so you just gotta let him learn on his own!!

Oh, yes I'm rambling...back to my point....I am completely AMAZED!!!! when I see Milsap running full speed down our driveway. It makes me so happy to know that he's that comfortable and has adapted that well. That is until I forget to get out of his way and he completely plows me over! And let me just tell ya, he's a strong boy at full speed!! Unfortunately that is not a lesson that I've learned just once. However, I do try to stay out of his way BUT his being blind sometimes forces him to not run in a straight line so.....even when I think I'm gettiing out of the way.....there he is, plowing me over AGAIN!!!!

Maybe one of these days, when I get real handy with my new camera I'll get some good action pictures of him at full speed. Until then....guess you'll just have to use your imagination :)

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