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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I'm a country girl........................

I was blessed this past weekend with the opportunity to attend the Arkansas Women in Agriculture Conference. It was an amazing weekend and I met many, many amazing women from the state that are involved in the very industry I spend my whole life in!!!!

We sat through different sessions to learn stuff ranging from cattle handling, to the First Bloom in Fort Smith, to wind and solar energy, to learning to take time for yourself, to saving money by couponing, to peanut production in Arkansas, and BLOGGING!!! (I'd have to get out my agenda to actually list all the sessions that were available to us)

What an array of information they provided to all of us! Not to mention the awesome Arkansas food and wine tasting we had.

Since this is a blog and well, I was able to attend a blogging session I want to pass on some information to you. I was actually fortunate enough to meet two fellow bloggers from Arkansas who were guest speaking. So today, I want to give you their blog sites. If you have a moment to check them out, do so now!!! They were amazing speakers full of energy, life and wisdom!!!!

The Park Wife and Instead of the Dishes

 I would recommend this Conference to any of you woman out there involved in Agriculture in any way!! It was a great way to meet other people who completely, without a doubt understand the way of Life in the Country.

Check out http://www.arkansaswomeninag.com/ to learn more about the organization and ways you can join and become involved!!!!

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